Friday, September 17, 2010

My needle has been busy . . . (& EP Tip #4)

I am still stitching on "At Home with Jane Austen" and am still "rebuilding" Hartfield. 

"At Home with Jane Austen"
The Sampler Girl
stitched over 2 on French Country linen in Latte 
using 2 strands of the recommended Crescent Colours threads

I am also still working on the Little House Needleworks 2010 Ornament series.  Diane will be doing another series for 2011, can't wait to see the new designs as they are revealed each month.

"Merry Skater"
from the 2010 ornament series
Little House Needleworks
stitched over 2 on 28 count Lugana in Summer Khaki
using recommended threads

I love Fall, but with temperatures still in the 90s it does not feel like Fall is remotely close.  Happily, we did get a little tease for two days this week with overnight lows in the upper 60s and low 70s and highs in the upper 80s and low 90s (yup, we consider that cooler).  The cooler temps inspired me to do a little fall stitching (that and I have no Fall themed finishes), so I found this cute design in my freebie binder.  I think I will finish it as a pillow, maybe with a hanger for a cabinet or door knob.

"Fall Leaves"
Designs by Kathy (a freebie from Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
Stitched over 2 on Wilchet 28 count linen in Lambswool
using Gentle Arts Simply Shaker floss in Autumn Leaves (thanks again Sue - LOVE this color!)

I was looking for another little Fall piece and found a winter design that would adapt easily to a season change.  This is my first time making color changes to a design and I am really happy with it.  You will notice that I left the design name and designer a MYSTERY.  I thought I would be fun to see if anyone can identify the design and designer, post your guesses in the comments.  I will update the post with the design information on Monday.

"Woodland Snofall"
 Little House Needleworks

from JCS 2004 Special Christmas Issue
Stitched over 2 on Wilchet 28 count linen in Lambswool
using recommended threads
with the following changes
Border - Gentle Arts Simply Shaker-Autumn Leaves
Leaves - Weeks Dye Works - Autumn Leaves
Moon - DMC 676

I love the color of both of the Autumn Leaves threads.  WDW is brighter and would also be perfect for a pumpkin (I love pumpkins and cannot believe I have no pumpkin charts!), while the GASS is rich with golds and browns -- these are the perfect threads for Fall stitching.

I am also stitching on my fleur de lis during Saints' games, but I do not have a photo to share.
I also acquired some new stash this week . . .
Little House Needleworks'
"Family Sampler", "Peppermint Twist" and "Under the Tree"

Lizzie Kate's "Sampling Thanksgiving"

Weeks Dye Works
Scuppernong, Honeysuckle, Begonia, Americana, Hunter, Emerald, Holly and Garden Trellis
Crescent Coulours
House Wine, Antique Lace and  Pea Pod

I gave my blog a Fall makeover, hope you like it.  I also updated my STASH and WISH pages to include links to pictures of each design on the list.
Did you know September is Emergency Preparedness Month? 
Guess my tips are timely.
Emergency Preparedness Tip #4: 
Planning ahead for evacuation with children and pets.

Tip #3:  Have a plan
Tip #2:  Update your address book.
Tip #1:  Use your dishwasher for watertight storage.


  • When staying at a hotel with children during an evacuation, you may not be able to use the pool, in the case of a hurricane, the winds and rain will arrive not long after you do. Power outages can follow, plan ahead and bring their favorite books (or that classic from your childhood you always planned to share), family board games or a new puzzle.

  • Give each child a bag (backpacks work great) to pack up their "evacuation" items (favorite toys, treasured mementos, etc.) to take with them.

  • Pack a flashlight or two in case of a power outage (also useful for making shadow puppets). 

  • Pack their favorite snacks.  Stores in your evacuation destination may run short on supplies like bread, milk, sandwich meats, ice etc as everyone stocks up.  Bring some supplies with you, apples, grapes and carrot sticks can stay chilled in a cooler with some ham or turkey.  PB&J is quick and easy (splurge on the squeeze bottle of jelly).  Even, your hotel may run short of food (especially free continental breakfasts - ours did).  When loading your vehicle, pack the food where it can be reached while driving in case your drive takes longer than expected. 

  • There is nothing you can do about what might be going on back home, so just be with your family without homework, practices, laundry, etc.  Having a plan (and knowing the plan of your extended family and friends) makes for less stress (we had family "missing" during Katrina).

  •  To inject a little fun and reduce stress, we invoke "hurricane rules".  I make sure I say "hurricane rules" when suggesting or implementing a new "rule" so DS knows this is not only unusual, but temporary.

    • DS can have Fruit Loops  or another item(s) not on our usual grocery list

    • we might start a meal with dessert

    • we might let DS sleep in his clothes or let him watch a movie past his usuall bedtime

    • make up a new "family game" - we played an alliteration game - sentences could only use words starting with the same letter - (Does Daddy's diminutive dear desire dessert?)

    • Use whatever works for your family, the evacuation has already turned your kid's world topsy-turvy, might as well have fun with it.  Do keep try to maintain most of your usual household rules and rituals, the stability (predictability) helps keep the kids stress level in check.

  •  You will be tempted to watch the 24-hour coverage on cable channels -- DON'T.  I am not suggesting you do not check periodically, just don't stay glued to the television.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, half of what is reported is just plain wrong.  You would think the out-of-town cable news channels would snag a couple of locals to confirm details about the locale, but they don't.  They hear a piece of "news" and it goes directly to broadcast (accurate or not) or they just keep re-playing the same footage and information over and over.

  • Talk to your kids about what is happening.  Be age appropriate, let their questions be your guide to how much they want (need) to know.

  • If your child has a school uniform, pack a uniform (or two) in your luggage (if you have the room bring along their textbooks and notebooks, too)

  • Keep a phone list of pet­friendly hotels/motels and animal shelters or kennels that are along your evacuation routes. Sometimes, non-pet hotels will make an exception during an emergency. If you pet is clean, well-behaved and has a kennel, it is easier to convince a reluctant manager to let them stay. Don't forget to show your appreciation by not letting your pet's poop populate park-like places (sorry could not resist a little alliteration) or mark its territory in the hotel (we stayed in a room where cats had obviously "marked"- ughhhhh).

  • Pack their regular food, favorite toys, etc. the change in location can be stressful for them (and they can usually pick up on your stress, too.)  If you have to evac your pets with a family member or a friend, remember to send a t-shirt or blanket that has your scent, it will comfort them while you are separated.

  • If you are staying in a private home, check with your hosts before you show up with your pets.  Your hosts may be pet-friendly, but may have some restrictions (no pets on the furniture, etc.), allergies, etc so it is best to discuss all the details in advance. Also, be realistic about your pets behaviors/habits.

  • If you have a regular evacuation destination, check on local vets and kennels and if you pet has on-going medical needs, keep a copy of their vet records with your evacuation kit.  It saves time and money if you can show them the last test results or medications prescribed by your regular vet (their office will be closed).

  • If you have a goldfish your child is especially attached to, an cleaned spaghetti sauce jar makes a great evacuation "module".  Remember to take the cap off occasionally to let in fresh air and leave it off when you reach your destination.

Keep praying these storms continue to stay mostly over water.


  1. LOVE your new thread colors!
    Seeing your progress on the Jane Austen piece reminds me I stopped about where you are now to design some of my own and stitch others. I need to get back with it soon and finish. In fact it's on my dining room table right now staring at me...LOL

  2. I love your fall stitching! I really must get my fall decor out this weekend...

  3. Such a fun post! Lots of lovelies. I don't know who the designer of that piece is, but I absolutely love it. Darling! Great new stash, too. I recently got the Family Sampler as well. I can't wait to start it!

  4. I love the new look, Stephanie. And yes, you have been busy. Great job.

  5. You have designed so beautiful designs. And I remember my mother embroidery which is done by hand. That is really a great job.

  6. You have some lovely stitching projects in the works and lots of yummy new stash too.
    I really hope you have no need to put the emergency measures into practice but it is good to be prepared.
    I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans a few years before Katrina and oh how I love that place!