Friday, October 29, 2010

It's (Finally) Fall Y'all!!

We usually do not get much fall color here, but this year it is so dry and hot that the few trees that do change colors have gone from green to a spotted sickly yellow and directly to crunchy brown.

But, after many consecutive days of record high temperatures, we are finally getting a little (very little) rain and we welcomed a cool front this morning -- it was 49 degrees on the way to school!  I am also looking forward to the extra morning hour I will gain next week when we "fall" back for Daylight Savings Time.  And all just in time for my birthday - cool weather and an extra hour in the morning, what could be better birthday present!?!

Well . . . .

maybe a little

Stash Enhancement . . .

Homespun Elegance "Holiest of Nights" and "Shabby Chic Christmas"

JBW Designs "French Country - Snow Globe" and "French Country - Love"

Brightneedle "Can You Spy?"

Stitching Update . . .
Things have been rather busy on the bayou and it is cutting into my stitching time, but I have been carrying LHN's the Gingerbread Trio with me and stitching whenever I have have a little time. 

"Gingerbread Trio"
Little House Needleworks
Stiched over 2 on
using the recommended threads
(love that Spinach green)

At least I am sure to be finished by Christmas.  I am trying to decide between a frame and a pillow finish -- anyone have a different finishing suggestion?

I finished another LHN ornament, I am hoping to finish two more LHN ornaments for our tree this year, but I also have some gift ornaments I want need to start stitching and the gifts come first.

Picture coming soon

"Merry Skater"
Little House Needleworks
stitched over 2 threads  on Summer Khaki
using the recommended threads

Other stuff . . .
I have added several new charts to my destash blog for sale or trade, take a look and see if there is anything you like.

Have you been "Boo'd" yet?  We were "Boo'ed" this week and a secret friend left a large pumpkin, a jar of candy corn and a pack of Wendy's Frosty coupons on our porch.  In return you have to "Boo" two friends, so we made a midnight raid . . . okay, it was actually 7:30p, but it was dark . . .  on two unsuspecting friends and delivered some home-baked cookies, candy and a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese with pumpkin-shaped macaroni.  Since we were expecting rain that evening, we had to ring the bell and run so they would not find their soaked goodies in the morning.  We will be driving by to see if they posted their "I've been "Boo'd" signs in the window.  DS had so much fun, we are going to do something similar for Christmas so he is writing a little poem to let you know you have been "Kringle'd".

Here is the poem for being "Boo'd" (this poem was from a Hallmark set that came with the poem, an "I've Been Boo'd ghost and a cute little gift bag, I think they have another set at Wal-Mart this year from another company with a different poem) . . .

You’ve been Boo’d!
This sweet surprise is called a “boo”!
You’ll never know exactly who
Brought you treats and then ran off unseen
To brighten up your Halloween!

It’s twice the good luck if you go
and “boo” two other folks you know!
Pack up a ghost sign, treats and gifts,
And add a poem just like this.

Pick out a house and sneak up close.
(Make sure its windows have no ghost
that tells you clearly “We’ve been Boo’d!”
It’s best to visit someplace new.)

Knock fast on someone’s door – then run!
Make sure you’re never seen! It’s fun!
And once they get your gifts and food . . .
They’ll know for sure that
They’ve been Boo’d!

If you like this idea, but don't like the idea of ghosts, you can deliver a fall pumpkin with a sign that says "You've been punk'd!" and you can still do it in November for Thanksgiving.  Maybe leave a bag off Thanksgiving Blessing Mix from Organized Christmas.

And you could use this little verse:

Being a Christian . . . is like being a pumpkin.
God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes off all the dirt.
Then, He scoops out all the yucky stuff,
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate and greed.
Then, He carves you a new smiling face and
puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.

The Online Needlework Show is still open to view.  I inserted a few links to some of my favorites, a few of the designers were new to me so I will have to add them to my designer's to watch list.

From Wild Heart Designs Phebe Edwards, 1818

From Half-Moon Handwerks When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks (you have to see all of them!)

From Jeanette Douglas Designs Owl Love You Forever

From My Big Toe Designs - Cheaper than Therapy (too cute and so true!), Cast All Your Cares, Building Blocks, and Be Not Forgetful

Praiseworthy Stitches - Freedom Park and Bee Keepers Cottage (from Down the Lane series) and Do Ye Good

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Won!

I won one of the five door prizes from Joanne at Of Generations Past.  She has some lovely designs.  I have already chosen my design (I will share my choice when I receive the chart), but which one would you choose?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you seen these???

I spent a little time surfing the WWW for new (to me anyway) charts and found these lovely items and thought I would share the links with you (and add them to my wish list) . . .

Acorn House Designs Elf-in-the-Box - this is way cuter than Elf on the Shelf

Anna Lee Designs - Teaching is a Work of Heart - a great teacher gift

A Pumpkin Tree (there is also a Jack-o-Lantern version on the same chart) and Baby in a Manger

Giveaway at Dixie Samplar Designs

The giveaway includes charts from Bent Creek, Little House Needleworks, Lizzie Kate and other wonderful designers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Media Monday #2

In Royal Blood, the latest in the Royal Spyness series, Lady Georgian Rannoch  is representing the British royals at a wedding in Transylvania.  Georgie, penniless and thirty-fourth in line to the throne, finds herself in a castle in the middle of nowhere with a bride with blood running down her chin, a poisoned guest, and herself betrothed to the loathsome brother of the bride.  Just like Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey, Georgie's imagination begins to run away with her.

The early life of Pope John Paul II, from his days as a student during the Nazi invasion of Poland, his early years as a priest during the Communist occupation of Poland, until his selection as Pope.

The fifth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series finds Percy and the other heros in the midst of a battle with Kronos.  The Olympians have left Olympus to fit the titan Typhon, who almost defeated them the last time he was let loose.  Posiedan is fighting an underwater battle against more of Kronos' monsters and Hades is staying out of the war.   Can Percy and the other heros defend Manhattan and Olympus from Kronos and his army of titans and monsters?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . .

I finally have my very own copy of the JCS 2010 Christmas Ornament issue!  It was the last one.  I am stitching Nicadeamus (sock monkey on blue fabric ornie on the cover) from Raise the Roof Designs for my DS.  There are also a few more ornies I will be stitching as gifts for teachers, family and friends.

As a little Christmas present "from me, to me", I am stitiching "Gingerbread Trio" from Little House Needleworks.

We are enjoying some wonderful fall weather this week with temps from the mid 70s to the low 80s with overnight temps in the 60s.  We haven't even had any rain in 2 weeks and it does not look like we will get any amount of rain anytime soon.

Hope you are enjoying Fall where you are

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another reason to keep stitching

Thought I would share something I read today . . .

Brain maps show that the nerve ending on figertips connect with more areas of the brain than those anywhere else on the body, so by doing needlework your brain stays sharper longer by helping to increase brain mass and boosting brain circulation.  (Personally, I think it boosts endorphins, too!)  Keep on stitching!!!!

Media Monday #1

Here is a little of what I have been watching and reading this week . . .

(FYI - It occurs to me, that it might seem that I watch a lot of DVDs, but we dropped cable two years ago, so except for about 3 prime time series, we only watch DVDs and I am usually folding laundry, washing dishes or stitching while watching.  I also like to listen to audio books while doing housework, so you might see a lot of those, too.)

Book of Ruth

An account of the story of Ruth and Naomi.  While obviously not a "big budget" film, the simple storyline makes for enjoyable family entertainment.  There were a few production issues that took away from my enjoyment of the film, for example, in the beginning Naomi is a little too well "made-up" and her son, Mahlon, has what I think is an Alabama accent. 

The Secret of Jonathan Sperry

Gavin MacCleod, of Love Boat fame, portrays Jonathan Sperry a kind-hearted grandfatherly-type who establishes a friendship with a neighborhood boy and his friends.  It is a wonderful family film that highlights the friendship and forgiveness.  A great film to share with your tweens.

Amish Grace

In October 2006, a gunman entered an Amish school house and shot 10 young girls, killing five.  Ida Garber (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) is a fictionalized parent of one of the murdered girls.  Keep your tissues handy for this inspirational story of extraordinary forgiveness.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

If your tween liked the Percy Jackson series, they will also like the new Kane Chronicles series.  Carter and Sadie Kane are siblings raised apart who discover they are decendants of the ancient Egyptian pharoahs on both sides of their family.  This time it is the Egyptian gods who are real and like the Olympians of Percy Jackson, some are nicer than others.  Carter and Sadie begin by trying to save their father from the evil Set and end up having to save the world from an even more evil force of chaos.  The book is written using the voices of both Carter and Sadie, switching back and forth for each chapter.  This makes it great entertainment for both boys and girls with the added bonus of learning a little about Egyptian history and myths.  An extra bonus, if your child participates in Accelerated Reader this book is worth 18 points!
Note:  I listened to this on audio book and the two narrarators were excellent representations of the young Carter and Sadie.

Gingerbread Cookie Murder

A short story trilogy featuring Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen (my favorite), Laura Levine's Jain Austen and Leslie Meier's Lucy Stone.  All three are great cozy mystery reads.  The short story format makes it perfect for the holiday season (if you don't mind a little murder during the joyous season).
  • "Gingerbread Cookie Murder" (Fluke) Hannah Swensen finds another dead body with her gingerbread cookies scattered at the crime scene.  A very quick read with an easy to solve solution, but very enjoyable with a couple of yummy recipes.
  • "The Dangers Of Gingerbread Cookies" (Levine) Jaine Austen is spending Christmas with her parents' at the Florida retirement community they call home.  The community puts on an annual Christmas play, this year's play is The Gingerbread Cookie That Saved Christmas. When the gingerbread cookie, played by retired playboy Dr. McCray, falls to his death during the play's final act, Jaine must find the killer among the residents of the community.
  • "Gingerbread Cookies And Gunshots" (Meier) When Lucy Stone discovers the body of Rick Juergens, whose five-year-old son Nemo disappeared, she senses foul play. Crumbs from a gingerbread cookie Lucy given to Nemo are found in the back seat of Rick's car.  Lucy races against the clock to find a killer before he strikes again.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Anniversary & Jennifer's Giveaway

Hey!  I just noticed that it is my 1-year blogaversary!  I have "met" so many wonderful stitchers in the last 12 months.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments, inspiring stitching photos, motivation and laughs.

Have you enjoyed the photos and accounts of market?  So many wonderful things and such fun, Jennifer of Confessions of a Serial Starter is having a giveaway of some items she brought back from market mixed with a little of her personal stash.

The weather here is glorious -- highs in the mid to upper 80s with nights in the 60s -- FALL IS HERE!!!!!! (for the next week anyway).  I anticipate spending some time outside:  a family hike at our new nature trail (maybe stashing a geocache while we are there) and sitting on the yard swing with my stitching watching DH fix the stairs and cooking some yummy family meals. 

I'll be back with a stitching update next week, until then hope you have a great weekend!