Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stitching At Home with Jane Austen and the Saints

I am still stitching The Sampler Girl's "At Home with Jane Austen"
and I have enjoyed every stitch.
(I have not finished the "n" in Austen.  I ran out of thread and am
waiting for another "spot" of Plum Paisley before I reload my needle.)

Except the stitches I missed!
I finished my first roof row 2 stitches too early.
The entire house is off by 4 threads (2 columns).
I will have to take out the entire house, picture frame and little trees. 
(The key is okay, but I will double check it to be sure.)
Good thing this is such an enjoyable design to stitch.
Are you ready for some football?
Tomorrow night is the first regular season game for the Saints.  The entire downtown
is going to be one big NFL amusement park:

  • Dave Matthews and Taylor Swift will be performing in Jackson Square,

  • a 7-float parade will wind its way from the French Quarter to the Dome,

  • the NFL set up an exhibit on the Mississippi River next to Jax Brewery and

  • the new Champions Square next to the Dome is hosting a party for fans without tickets. 
The game will effect regular Thursday schedules for everyone:
  • New Orleans public schools will be releasing students early (to avoid additional traffic congestion),
  • downtown workers (without tickets) will be leaving the office early (same reason),
  • I will pull out my fleur de lis UFO from last season to finish stitching during the game(s),
  • DH will come home early (everyone else will want to finish up early to watch the game), and
  • DS will get to stay up a little past his bedtime to make it to the half-time dessert. Oddly enough he has no tests or quizzes scheduled for Friday.  Coincidence????

We will be enjoying a dinner of red beans and rice, seafood gumbo, and crawfish cornbread before the game
and watch the game with frosty mugs of Barq's root beer with mini beignets at half-time.
Who Dat, Who Dat,
Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!?!

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  1. And it was a GREAT game!! It sounds like New Orleans had a great time celebrating their championship team.