Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Doc Martin (Series 1 - 4)

Just finished watching series 4 in this quirky series. 

Surly, tactless and uptight, Dr. Martin Ellingham is at the top of his field as a vascular surgeon, until he develops hemophobia - the fear of blood.  Now he has taken a position as the GP in a village in Cornwall.  As a diagnostician, you could not ask for better, but his bed side manner leave much to be desired.  Fortunately for him, he is the only doctor in town, so his waiting room is always full of the wonderfully quirky village residents.  This show is filmed in a beautiful location with deep blue sea, narrow winding streets lined with stone cottages and a backdrop of a rocky and amazingly green countryside.

Each series has been just as good as the last and just when you think Doc Martin might begin to show a little compassionate bedside manner, he lets loose with another blunt, thoughtless and rude remark. Think of  Becker meets House meets Northern Exposure with a touch of Monk. 

Wonderful stitching DVD since you can concentrate on your stitching during brief graphic medical scenes if you have a touch of hemophobia yourself.

WARNING:  May not be for family viewing due to occasional nudity and language.  Apparently, British television standards differ from U.S. (although we seem to be not far behind in some areas and leading the way in others - sigh).

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