Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess what my hubby brought home . . .

the Christmas ornament preview issue of Just Cross Stitch . . . he has been listening.  I could not find it anywhere so he went to a book store an hour away and it was their last copy!  Love you!!!

I love the coordinating gingerbread designs from LHN and CCN and the fleur-de-lis in 'Tis Green by La-D-Da.

Guess I better get my subscription in so I can receive the ornament issue.  I want to order a few of the old Christmas ornament issues, too.  I have 2004 and 2009 ornament issues, but not the previews.

Our temps are in the upper 90s with a heat index of 108, hoping it is cooler where you are.  Keep cool and keep stitching!


  1. now, that would a man after my own heart thoughtful and I picked one up at the grocery store Tuesday, waiting on meds at the pharmacy but put it back. It looked like some very pretty ornament designs.
    I was surprised it was at our small town grocery store but very nice to look at while waiting.
    Can't wait to see your ornies you make from it!


  2. What a sweet hubby!

    Sounds like a weekend for putting your feet up, getting a cold iced tea and stitching!

    Check your email-just sent you a note.

  3. Wonderful - I bet they listen more than we give them credit for ;)
    I think the La-D-Da pattern is fabulous !!

  4. Wow--what a wonderful guy he must be, Stephanie! I like the same patterns that you mentioned--hopefully, I'll get at least a couple of them stitched before Christmas!