Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is Just Too Hot to Stitch

But, I have started putting together a few items for an upcoming giveaway.

Not much stitching to report, I am making slow progress on LHN's Winter Sheep from the 2010 ornament series.  And in case you have not heard, Diane Williams announced we can expect a 2011 series!

I am stitching an ornament for some married friends,
I wanted to put our initials on the back, whose go first, the giver or the reciever? 
I am going to use the husband's first initial, then the surname initial and the wife's first initial.

T  S


D  B

Well, DH is outside "playing" with his new toy.  I got to try it and WOW!  Our old electric pressure washer had nothing on this one.  DH hit a gap in the front door and water flew in and went 8 feet from the door!

Looking forward to going for snoballs after he is finished!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I have no idea how the initials "should" go. I would think you would put their initials first.. just a guess.
    Power-washers sure do come in handy. I could stand to power wash the floor of my deck.

  2. Love the pic in your blog header. Nice job, your husband getting you the magazine, that was sweet.