Monday, January 10, 2011

Media Monday #5

Knitting Board Basics:  A Beginner's Guide to Using a Knitting Board with Over 30 Easy Projects
by Pat Novak

In the Green Kitchen:  Techniques to Learn by Heart
by Alice Waters

The Art and Soul of Baking
by Cindy Mushet

Kneadlessly Simple:  Fabulous, Fuss Free, No-Knead Breads
by Nancy Baggett

Albert's Memorial
To keep a promise to their dying friend, Harry and Frank  "steal" Albert's body to bury him on the hill in Germany where the three fought side-by-side in World War II.  Unprepared for the task and feeling their age in this younger and fasterpaced world, they set off across Europe in Harry's black cab.  After becoming lost in France, they pick up a young German hitchhiker who helps them find their way, accept their own mortality and put to rest the ghost that has haunted them all.

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