Monday, October 11, 2010

Media Monday #2

In Royal Blood, the latest in the Royal Spyness series, Lady Georgian Rannoch  is representing the British royals at a wedding in Transylvania.  Georgie, penniless and thirty-fourth in line to the throne, finds herself in a castle in the middle of nowhere with a bride with blood running down her chin, a poisoned guest, and herself betrothed to the loathsome brother of the bride.  Just like Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey, Georgie's imagination begins to run away with her.

The early life of Pope John Paul II, from his days as a student during the Nazi invasion of Poland, his early years as a priest during the Communist occupation of Poland, until his selection as Pope.

The fifth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series finds Percy and the other heros in the midst of a battle with Kronos.  The Olympians have left Olympus to fit the titan Typhon, who almost defeated them the last time he was let loose.  Posiedan is fighting an underwater battle against more of Kronos' monsters and Hades is staying out of the war.   Can Percy and the other heros defend Manhattan and Olympus from Kronos and his army of titans and monsters?

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