Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . .

I finally have my very own copy of the JCS 2010 Christmas Ornament issue!  It was the last one.  I am stitching Nicadeamus (sock monkey on blue fabric ornie on the cover) from Raise the Roof Designs for my DS.  There are also a few more ornies I will be stitching as gifts for teachers, family and friends.

As a little Christmas present "from me, to me", I am stitiching "Gingerbread Trio" from Little House Needleworks.

We are enjoying some wonderful fall weather this week with temps from the mid 70s to the low 80s with overnight temps in the 60s.  We haven't even had any rain in 2 weeks and it does not look like we will get any amount of rain anytime soon.

Hope you are enjoying Fall where you are


  1. Hi Stephanie!
    Oh, if I had known that you didn't have an issue, I would have been happy to have sent one...they're easy to get here. There are some really cute ones in there!
    Yes, I love LHN too and have one on my new post (it's not Christmas though)
    Our weather here has gotten much cooler but we have been deluged with much needed rain making it cold, dreary and damp for the past 3 days!
    I see sun today and the temps are going into the upper 60's....YAY!!!

  2. I come here so you will inspire me.. did you know that? You are a rock star at these stitching projects. Your comment regarding the leaf change on my current project got me to thinking that I failed to disclose that I'm not following the tree pattern. I'm breaking all the rules and filling it in using my own discretion. Staring at that pattern trying to see those tiny square color variations was making my headache much worse. Hey I figure its my stitch project and I'll change it if I want too.. lol!

    I bet that monkey turns out so cute!

  3. Isn't Nicadeamus the greatest?? He's on my list too, but for my grandma. She made all of her grandkids (and great-grandkids!) a sock monkey when they were little... It became a "must-stitch" for me the second I laid eyes on it!!

  4. Glad you are giving YOU a gift! ha! I really like that chart- so cute! Have fun with the JCS issue- there are so many fun projects in there!

  5. Great new start!
    The weather is very cool in the mornings and pretty warm in the afternoons. No rain, thank goodness.

  6. Don't you just love all those ornies to choose from? I've looked at that Trio design more than once, I have to say! Good selection. Enjoying fall here, too!

  7. I look so forward to the JCS Ornament issue - love it every year. Enjoy your nice weather!