Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweating, Sneezing, Stitching and Surfing

Well, it was another hot weekend and there is a little respiratory bug here on the bayou.  I am looking forward to temperatures dipping into the 80s later this week possibly paired with some much needed rain.

I put a few stitches in "Merry Skater", but not enough to post a new photograph.  I did a little browsing on the net and found a little Autumn freebie (with 7 pumpkins!) which I look forward to starting later this week with Lizzie Kate's Sampling Thanksgiving.

I have been checking some of my favorite blogs using Google Reader.   I like using GR because I can view more posts in less time, but I find that I leave fewer comments.  Is it the same for you?

As promised, here is the design information for my mystery stitch . . .
"Woodland Snowfall" by Little House Needleworks from JCS 2004 Special Christmas Issue

I will put a few more stitches in my Fleur de Lis during tonight's Saints vs. 49ers game.  I should be a good game, funny how a Super Bowl win (and mothering a budding sports fan) can cause you to develop a greater interest in football.


Tip #7: Another watertight storage solution - 5 gallon paint buckets with lids.  They are inexpensive, easy to store and when filled they are easy to carry and small enough to put on a top shelf, in the attic or in the car.

Tip #6: Keep an ax in the attic..
Tip #5: Fill up your bathtub(s) with water.
Tip #4: Planning ahead for evacuation with children and pets.
Tip #3: Have a plan
Tip #2: Update your address book.
Tip #1: Use your dishwasher for watertight storage.


  1. I too use GR. I have to remember to click, so I can post a comment. It would be really great if they would add the comment feature to GR. I'm stitching too.. and I'm going to post a picture soon. I am so out of practice, but I'm trying.

  2. I can't live without GR! I wish they had a comment button on there. I am sneaky in that I don't publish my whole post on GR so folks HAVE to click over. :) It's only a click. :)