Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Finish!

I have another finish!!

"Sampling Thanksgiving"
Lizzie Kate (Quick-Its)
over 2 threads on Light Mocha Cashel linen
using recommended DMC threads
with supplied acorn charm
 I am planning on stitching this one again (but probably next year) using the recommended WDW threads.  I do like the design and the colors, but I think the varigated colors of the WDW threads will give it more "pop".  Amazing how flat the DMC begins to look when you have been stitching with hand dyeds (mostly WDW, CC, GAST) for the last year.

DS picked a design for his room and in keeping with his new color scheme, I changed all the colors.  I have to stitch it on the sly so it will be a surprise, so no pictures here until it is done.  He might not read my blog, but he does pay attention to the pictures when he sees me posting.

I have a couple of designs that recommend R&R Reproductions fabrics.  I have never used them and my local LNSs do not carry them.  Since it will represent a significant investment, does anyone have any opinions to share on R&R Reproductions or can suggest another fabric that would be close to 18th Century Brown??

Hoffman Distributing publishes a list of new charts every Friday.  Here are a few newbies that caught my eye.

Need a new ornament or want to stitch a meaningful Christmas gift . . .

"Holiest of Nights"
Homespun Elegance
For you fellow Austen-ites, here is a new Austen inspired design . . . 
"Jane Bennet Wedding Sampler"
Kit & Bixby

How a about a "too cute" Halloween design . . .

"French Country Scaredy Cats"
JBW Designs


So, what do you think?


  1. Awesome finish!

    Sorry I can't help you on the fabric front, but I'm sure there are tons of folks who are more knowledgable.

  2. I believe that one of Weeks Dye Works new linen colors is close to R&R's 18th Century Brown. It may be easier for you to find that then R&R.

  3. I love your little Quick-it. Great job.

  4. I know nothing about special fabrics or threads but I think it turned out very nice! I'm so behind on mine, and I wanted to get it finished by the end of Sept. I know what I'll be doing the next few nights. ;O)

  5. I stitched this design for an exchange i posted it recently - You did a wonderful job :)