Monday, August 23, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I have another finish!

"Winter Sheep" (2010 Ornament series)
Little House Needleworks
stitched over 2 on French Country Linen in Cafe Mocha
using 2 threads of the recommended DMC threads

And I have been anxious to make a new start, so I spent a little time last night on this.

"At Home with Jane Austen"
The Sampler Girl
stitched over 2 on French Country linen in Latte
using 2 strands of the recommended Crescent Colours threads

It is not my usual color palette, but I love these bright happy colors!  It has been a fun and easy stitch so far.

Not looking forward to this afternoon.  The expected heat index for today is between 110 and 115 and today is the first day of cross-country practice for DS.  We are under heat advisories from 9am - 10pm all week.  I will be wishing I could stay home.  I try to find a shady spot (there are not many) where I can stitch and watch practice.  It is amazing to see how far these kids can run, especially in this heat.  Last year, DS came in from the first practice plopped down on his bed (despite my urging to shower first - ewww!) and fell asleep for 3 hours.  (He has a big test tomorrow, so I hope he doesn't take another long nap.)

Ten minutes into practice, I will be wishing I had stayed home.  And when I get home, I will probably head straight for the shower.  Fortunately, I will have the red beans in the crock pot so I will only have to make rice and turn on the oven (ughhh!) to bake the corn bread and then pop the sausage under the broiler. 

Maybe I should change this design to "There's nothing like staying home in the a/c."  Do you think  Tanya would mind?

Hoping it is cooler where you are!


  1. Winter Sheep is adorable! For only one evening of stitching you have a very nice start of At Home. The colors look lovely.

    I really feel for you with the high temps and the high humidity. We have eased off a bit-only to be about 98 or 99 today!

    Hopefully, there won't be many more days of the unbearable weather and the kids won't have to be so miserable. (and the mom's watching)

  2. Peace on earth turned out really nice! I too like the colors of the new one.

  3. love your finish - very cute! And I like the colors in the new one. I can't imagine that heat...we have been very hot and muggy this year in Michigan which makes me very crabby. YOur dinner sounds too good!

  4. A nice little finish!
    I love the colours that are used in the Sampler Girl's designs. And this one is so beautiful.

  5. Very cute finish! But out of curiosity, is the sheep eyeless?

  6. Eyeless and friendless.

    I like it better without the eyes. With the white eyes, it looked like it was startled.

    I also did not have the red bird button for the recommended finish.