Monday, August 23, 2010

No Sweat

Woo Hoo!!!!
A thunderstorm rolled in and began raining
2 minutes into cross-country practice.

DS wasn't too disappointed since he has two tests tomorrow
and no practice meant extra study time (and no stitching time for me.)

Even Bourbon Street empties for a thunderstorm.

We are almost to the height of hurricane season (September 10th).  The anniversaries of many of our major hurricanes (Camille, Betsy, Katrina, etc.) will be during the next 4 - 6 weeks. I will be saying extra prayers that the experts are wrong and this will be yet another quiet season.

DID YOU KNOW . . . today is the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, patron saint of needleworkers.  She sold her needlework (lace and embroidery) to support her family and the sick and hungry she took into her home.

 “Apart from the cross there is no other ladder by which we may get to heaven.”
St. Rose of Lima

To celebrate, I will be putting a few more stitches in "At Home with Jane Austen" and choosing a design to stitch for an upcoming charity auction. 

I am not sure of the SOP for donating a stitched item for auction.  I may have to give the chart away with the stitched piece.  I guess I can contact the designer and ask.


  1. Not sure where my other comment went, but it had a typo anyway, haha. Did you take that amazing photo? If so, your talents go beyond your lovely stitching, because that looks award-winning to me!

  2. We have gotten a little bit of rain lately, and I get giddy when it does. We need it SO bad! Glad you all got some, and hopefully it cools things down a little.

  3. Great pic Stephanie! Hoping the wet season goes easy on all of you...

  4. We got some rain in NC today too, and I am so thankful! I love that picture you posted.. did you take it?

  5. Not my photo, I am way over running around the French Quarter at night. ;)