Friday, July 23, 2010

New Stash and My 100th Post

Doing school shoe shopping (oh joy) put me near my LNSs.  I picked up a little something in each, just doing my bit to support the local economy ; )

From Acadian Corner - threads and fabric (28 count Country French Linen in Latte) for The Sampler Girl's "At Home with Jane Austen"

From Accents, Inc - a new chart - "French Country Fleur-de-Lis" by JBW Designs - I have some definite ideas for this little beauty.

BTW, the models for this chart were stitched by the customers of Accent's, Inc.

In between stops, we stopped for lunch at Byblos (Lebanese) - budget busting, but yummy.  I will have to dedicate a weekend to making homemade kibby and meat/spinach pies to stock the freezer! (I will be sure to put it on my cooking blog, they are really delicious.)

Did some in-the-car stitching on "Season of Love" since DH had the day off and did the driving.  Lots of bumpy roads in these parts, so not alot of progress, but at least I did not stick my finger with the needle.

Stitching this is giving me a craving for some ginger-y baked goods, maybe the rain from Bonnie will cool the temperatures enough to do some baking this weekend, but first, we will be battening down the hatches and trying to cut the grass before the winds and rain begin.  Hoping Bonnie keeps moving quickly so she does not have time to strengthen over the warm Gulf waters or dump too much rain in one place.

This was my 100th post, so check back tomorrow for my giveaway.


  1. If I stitched in the car, I would barf. For reals.

    Congrats on 100 posts!

  2. Oh...I love the floss colors!

  3. I had to laugh at the bumpy ride comment because I do the same thing when my husband drives but we got a newer car last year and it's not near as bad now. I found stitching in the backseat was better than the front.....I don't know why?
    I love the linen for the Jane Austen one.
    I didn't get the called for linen and using Weeks Linen which is lighter and I wished I had looked harder for the darker.....but I'm trying to budget my stash now..I stitched the second and third lines, got to finish the first row and then hopefully get more done this weekend.

  4. Congrats on 100th post and many many more
    Awesome stash
    Stay dry!!

  5. You're making progress! I wish I could stitch in the car, but just can't :(

    Love the new stash!

  6. Nice stash!
    That's one place I can't stitch and that's in the car.
    Congrats on 100th post and many many more, please!!!!