Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cook Book: Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking by Paula Wolfert

I picked this book up at the library this week, I love one pot cooking.  Since I do not have any clay pots, I will be adapting some recipes for my enameled cast iron and glass bakeware.  Wolfert insists that the dishes taste better cooked in clay, and I believe her because I feel the same about my favorite cast iron skillet.  These vessels absorb the flavors of the foods you cook and this "seasoning" enhances the flavor of all dishes cooked in the vessel.

I wish there were more photos of finished dishes, but the included photos all have the wonderfully warm and rustic feel of the cover photo and filled my head with possibilities.  The recipes lend themselves to easy variations to accomodate personal tastes. 

This was a good idea book for me, and I will be trying a few of these recipies on my cooking blog soon - in fact, I have eggplant and tomatoes in the kitchen now just begging to be turned into a little Musakka/Moussaka/Mussak'a . . . gotta go!

Check my cooking blog later this week to see the results.

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