Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look what was waiting in the mailbox . . .

I won Stitchin' Sweet Sue's giveaway and her package of goodies arrived today.

(isn't that floss tag too cute!)

Look at everything all nestled in their little bag.

But oh how wonderful!  It almost feels like Fall has arrived
 (especially since I just turned down the a/c another notch).

ONE beautifully handcrafted pinkeep,
TWO samples of Glove in a Bottle
(and it could not come at a better time, our dishwasher is involved in a recall (fire hazard)
and they do not come to fix it until Monday so I have been doing alot of handwashing with both DH & DS at home) THREE lovely finishing fabrics
and . . .
EIGHT beautiful threads!
(WDW Pecan, Amber, Caper, Havana, Oak, & Brick
and GAST - Autumn Leaves & Heirloom Gold)

It is overcast here, so the colors are off in my photos (and I had to use my alternate camera with no flash). 
Sue's giveaway photo is much better than mine.
If you haven't found her blog yet, stop by for a visit

Thank you so much, Sue!!

Stitching Update: 
I am struggling with my stitching lately, it is a combination of very rough hands (from all that handwashing), having both DH and DS home, and the heat.  But the dishwasher will be fixed on Monday, DH's vacation is also over on Monday and DS goes back to school in 2 weeks.  Wish the heat was going away soon, too.  Hoping to post a better stitching update with photos soon.


  1. Wow!! What a haul. Congratulations on your win.

  2. What a great package from Sue!!! I think that the heat has a lot to do with non-stitching. I have a hard time sitting under the Ott Light when it's so warm. Hope you have your dishwasher up and running soon.

  3. Sorry about your hands! Have you ever had a paraffin treatment? You can get them for about $10 at a nail salon, maybe less. They work so well for me during the cold, dry months. That and Curel 24 hour. It's not greasy and sinks right in.

  4. You won a beautiful package of goodies! Enjoy.

    I hope you get to do some fun stitching soon.

  5. Wow, what an amazing prize, Stephanie! Enjoy :)

  6. what a nice the colors! Enjoy!