Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Giveaway, A New Start and A Gift

Lots of  quick updates today . . .

at 52 Flea to celebrate Laura's 500th post, if you love all things vintage you will love 52 Flea.

I started my first ornament from the 2010 JCS Ornament Preview issue, "Season of Love" by Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks  {Thanks for the correction, Patty : ) }

I am stitching this charming little gingerbread couple as a gift for a friend who gave me my new stitching bag. It is so cheerful and I filled it with stitching goodies for me to take my stitching "on the road".  It will be the second thing I grab (photos are first) if we have an evacu-cation this hurricane season.

The winds and waves keep the oil on the move, the spread is much larger than my update from last week.  It has also moved closer to the coast -- I do not think this will ever end!

Well looks like Tropical Depression # 3 (Bonnie if she becomes a TS or hurricane) is going to give us a rainy weekend and put a stop to oil spill clean-up.


  1. Your bag is fabulous - Nice and Red -
    It looks very spacious and the pockets will be so handy :)

    I believe the "Season of Love" is by Nikki Leeman of CCN and the "Gingerbread Tree" is by Diane Williams of LHN - The two charts complement eachother well - I think you should do them both :)

  2. I love your new start, Stephanie--it is also on my "to stitch" list. What an amazing bag you received--lucky you :)

  3. What a great bag! Even better with monogram.
    See.. I have a hard time keeping track of my floss, needles, scissors, etc.. because I use a tote bag, and everything just gets jumbled up in the bottom. Stephanie, do you have any pics of your finished pieces? Maybe there on your blog here and I've missed them. I just love to see finished work because it inspires me to stay with my own projects.. ya know? If not no biggie.. just wanted to ohh.. and ahh.. a little.. lol!

    Uh... that oil is such a mess. At the very least its plugged for now.

  4. Great ornie start! Love the new bag!

  5. That is a great bag - perfect to carrying around the stitching projects. And I hope that the storm isn't bad. All that oil definitely needs to be cleaned up.

  6. Ahhh!! I love that bag! If it disappears, it's because I stole it. :)