Monday, June 7, 2010

Thinking Cool Thoughts

It is the hottest day of the year so far, 94 degrees with a heat index of 109 degrees and the fan in the central A/C stopped working this morning.  Fortunately, a repairman was able to come out right away and he is on his way to pick up the necessary part as I type this post.  However, this repair turned into an episode of "Wild Kingdom" with disturbed bees near the A/C unit and a snake heading to the bayou for a swim.  (Wish I was with Merlin watching from the safety of the helicopter -- is that too dated of a reference??  What about this one -- "Snakes!  Why does it always have to be snakes?!?")

Needless to say, there will be no stitching today (although I maybe be in desperate need of a little needle and thread therapy tonight).  I do have a new start from this weekend, Lizzie Kate's "Dogs Leave Paw Prints".

I visited my favorite LNS and purchased two new LHN ornie charts "Winter Sheep" and "The Merry Skater" and some new linen (Dirty Linen, Old Lace, Antique Ivory, and Latte) and some WDW, CC & GAST threads.

Hope you are all having a cool and pest free day.


  1. Great time for the A/C to go out! Glad the repairman was able to come out right away.

    Which LNS to you go to? Acadian Corner is the only one I know about.

  2. Brenda Lou, Yes, I went to Acadian Corner. It is my favorite. I also go to Accents on Severn and Gary's Crafts and Needleworks on the otherside of Lakeside Mall a block or two off of Causeway. There is Cross Stitch Corner in BR, but I have not made it inside that one yet (they close early in the afternoon).

  3. Glad you got your A/C fixed. Sounds like some gorgeous fabric and charts you picked up.
    Happy Stitching!

  4. Ugh! That's some warm temperatures! I can't imagine being without A/C in that heat. Glad that you got it fixed!

  5. stay cool - perhaps a nice refreshing glass of iced's low humidity and nice here in Michigan right now, but I fear that's over tomorrow. Hope you had time to stitch!