Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Stitching

Looks like the long, hot summer has started.  Our temps are nearing (and sometimes breaking) 100 and the heat index has been as high as 115 since the humidity has stayed in the 90s.  I hope you are having more enjoyable weather where you are.

I am behind on my blog hopping, but have seen some beautiful stitching and wonderful giveaways.  I have left a few comments, but hope to catch up my viewing and commenting soon.

We are in birthday mode here as DS will be having a Toy Story 3 party.  Dollar Tree had lots of Toy Story themed merchandise and I found some reusable shopping bags with the little green alien on clearance at the Disney Store so the goodie bags & prizes are done.

As promised, here is my long overdue stitching update . . .

Lizzie Kate's "Dogs Leave Paw Prints"
Stitched using the recommended threads and fabric.
(I have stitched and frogged the blue on the dog house TWICE due to miscounting the over 2, but it is a beautiful bright blue so I guess it wasn't too bad spending the extra time working with that color.)

The Sampler Girl "I'd Rather be at Pemberly"
Stitched using the recommended threads on 28 count Cashel linen in Light Mocha
(This is really wonderful to stich. I was worried about the large blank spaces, since I often miscount, but it has been great.  The recommended fabric was 32 count, but that was too small for me, so I will have a larger finish, but I am loving it.  This will be my first Jane Austen finish.)

Little House Needleworks "Home of a Needleworker, Too"
Stitched using the recommended threads and fabric
(I was hoping to be further along on this one.  I used this as a take-along project during one of DS's after-school activities.  I will take it back up as an at-home project since it is too hot to stitch away.)

Funny for the Day

In Louisiana,  we take our golf course water hazards seriously . . .

Yep, that is a gator taking a leisurely swim at the golf course,
now that is a serious water "hazard"!

Stay cool and keep stitching!

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