Friday, June 25, 2010

A Lazy Little Update

Like the new blog design?  I hope to have some new stitching pics to post after the weekend.

I did some blog browsing last night and this morning, there were so many examples of beautiful stitching, wonderful vacation updates, and inspirational decorating ideas, it was hard to comment on them all - but I tried.

Thanks to Parsley for a little chuckle this morning.  She inspired me to come up with my own "You're 100% Louisianian" list.  Maybe she will inspire you to create a list of your own.  Ideas keep popping into my head of things to add to my list, so I will keep adding to it over the weekend and post on Monday.  Anyone else up for the challenge???

Well, looks like we will have our first tropical system developing sometime this afternoon.  Hoping it does not come into the Gulf.   Please pray, the Gulf Coast does not need this right now. I am still working on my hurricane prep list, guess I better speed it up just in case.

Have a great weekend, keep cool, have fun and keep stitching!

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