Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Finish, A WIP and a Plan

Here is my first Jane Austen finish,

"At Pemberley"
The Sampler Girl
Stitched on 28 count Cashel linen in Light Mocha
over 2 using the recommended threads

I ordered fabric from The Sampler Girl to complete the finish and frame.  I found two thrift store frames, I might use to frame this piece. 

This one was $2.50

This one was $1

The frames are pretty distressed, so I might paint it a dark chocolate brown.  What do you think?  I am open to ideas.  Since it is so humid here, I think I will do the frame without the glass.

I finished this one just in time, The Sampler Girl is releasing "At Delaford" on Friday.  You can also sign up for her "At Delaford" giveaway.

I am in the home stretch of Lizzie Kate's "Dogs Leave Paw Prints".  I am using the recommended colors, but I might change the Liberty thread (the heart and the words "on your").  It is a very bright cherry red that almost glows on the fabric.  I will stitch it and if I still do not like it, I will frog it out and make a replacement.

Remember this one?  Lizzie Kate's "Sons are a Special Joy".  I have decided to use a standard 8x10 frame with the addition of some coordinating fabric.  The distressed blue frame was a 50% off sale item.  This will be my first self framing project.

I will begin stitching three of the LHN 2010 Christmas ornaments when I have finished these WIPs (unless I win the "At Delaford" pattern).  Maybe stitching Christmas designs will help me to "think cool".

I have been looking for the Just Cross-Stitch Christmas Preview issue and cannot find it -- is it out at the newstands yet?  Looking forward to stitching the LHN & CCN gingerbread ornaments (among others).

Today started very dreary, but the clouds and overnight rain kept it cooler today (we have been having heat indexes over 100 - ugh).  We went into the city to run some errands, visit the cemeteries for Father's Day and have a little birthday fun for DS.

For his birthday, DS adopted Cinnamon, who will join Brownie and Honey (seeing a pattern?) in his animal menagerie.  Build-A-Bear sent DS a birthday card for a free bear (up to $12).  I could not let him come home naked, so since he was free, I bought him a t-shirt.

DS had an electrifying birthday party.  After going to Toy Story 3, the weather turned stormy and we had to replace the outdoor water slide with an indoor Wii tournament.  About an hour into the party, lightning struck two trees next to the house.  One tree exploded sending huge splinter all over the yard.  Both trees show tracks where the lightning raced around the tree ripping open the bark as it headed toward the ground.

One more thrift store find, this cross-stitch book for 50 cents.  It will make some nice holiday smalls.

Don't know why Blogger thinks these photos are landscape, but here they are.

Hope your are having a super Summer!


  1. Looks like you've been busy. AND.. you found some great finds as well. Personally (not that your asking) I really like the first frame for the "at Pemberley" piece. Very nice. I'm so curious. How do you keep up with several projects going at once? I'm lucky if I can get one finished, and usually don't. I get sidetracked. Nice work Stephanie!

  2. Amy,

    I've been a little too busy, but am glad I found time for stitching. It really helps to clear the decks and recharge my batteries. I prefer the first frame best, too. I hope to have time to play around with my paints this weekend to see if I can come up with the color I have in my head.

    I used to be a one project at a time person, but I would get bored after a time and put it aside. By keeping a few projects kitted and having a few projects in the works, I can switch around easily. I can also drop one in a bag to take on the road. I can stitch the project that works best for me at the time.

    I am a multi-tasker (for better or worse), so while I find having multiple projects works best for me, I try not to have too many going at once so I do not feel overwhelmed by the "unfinishedness" of it all.

    Enjoyed your vacay postings and am going to go comment on your "new" mirror right now.