Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Gotta Have Heart

I have finished the red heart on "Mother's TLC".  I will be stitching more of the phrase and the right and bottom borders.  Then to practice my bullion knots on some remnant fabric.

Looking forward to DS's school field trip this week -- they are going to Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World.  I have never been, so it should be interesting.

As a bonus, I will be near one of my LNSs to make a little fabric and thread purchase for some upcoming WIPs (including Pemberley).  I refuse to look at any charts . . . except the LHN ornaments since I am behind on those . . . or a couple of must have charts from my wish list (that I plan to stitch for gifts).

Porch Bird Update

I have been a little worried about my porch bird family, I never hear any peeps or see any movement from the nest (except the mother coming and going).  Since the loss of one bird over the weekend, I was concerned about what I might find when I peeked in the nest today. 

I could never get a definitive count on the number of the birds.  Today, I could count three beaks and we lost one, so that leaves one egg for which I cannot account.  It does appear to be quite a tight fit a fourth bird may be in there.  They are growing and their feathers are coming in.  They seem more alert, so I guess everything is just fine, which I find amazing considering how DIRTY this nest is!  DISGUSTING!!!!!  I almost did not put the picture up, but my house isn't always "blog" ready either.

We will be power washing this part of the porch as soon as the last bird leaves the nest.

Have a great week!!!!

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  1. Pretty Hearts WIP.
    The birdies look like they are getting fluffy.
    I almost have your little giftie done, so it will be on it's way soon.