Saturday, April 3, 2010

Got Eggs?

We do!

We took a peek in the nest of our porch bird and found five beautiful blue eggs.

I think the white-ish fluffy stuff is the stuffing from my yard swing.  Yesterday, caught a squirrel red-handed with a mouth full of stuffing for it's nest, too! 

There is now an almost 12x12 hole in my swing seat!  ARGHHHHH!

We have some of these eggs, too.

Have not done much stitching this week and am suffering withdrawal symptoms.  There is no school next week so my stitching prospects look bleak, but looking forward to spending extra time with DS (and no homework).


  1. amen to the no homework!! have a wonderful break...and I sympathize with the no stitching, harder to do when the regular routine is interrupted. beautiful eggs, birds and Easter.

  2. Happy Easter!!! Love your eggs!!!

    Check out my blog for a bit of sunshine I am passing along to you.

  3. Love the eggs! Happy Easter!!

  4. Love those eggs! You should do a tutorial. I could learn it for next year. x

  5. Thanks, hope everyone had a lovely holiday.