Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is finally here . . . for the next few days anyway ; )

It is a wonderfully sunny and breezy March day here in the deep south. I have to enjoy each and everyone one. Soon it will be unbearably hot with 100% humidity and sunny days will be much harder to enjoy in those conditions.

I sat in my car in the school parking lot with the windows down and a little classical music on the radio and began building a house . . .

I am really enjoying this stitching project!!

Here is a close-up of my house. There is lots of gray in my skeins of Crescent Colors Old Blue Jeans. I really like the shade of blue, but I am not sure about the gray.

Only 4 days left to enter my giveaway!
Another sign of the arrival of spring on the bayou.

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  1. We walk around a little lake/large pond in our area and I saw the same thing here - 4 turtles sunning themselves on a log - I think the turtles are looking forward to spring as much as we are!