Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!


  1. Oh, you've changed your blog background and header picture. That must have been what you were up to when I kept trying to comment and kept getting the boot! The header picture is very nice!

  2. Love the header, I can't wait to see blooms like that outside my window!

  3. Sharlotte -- I spent some time making a new header and selecting a new background. The background is somber, but I think it keeps focus on the buds in the header and on the (hopefully) many "finish" photos I hope to be posting.

    Amy -- Wish I had that view from my window, too. Mostly pine trees here and my neighbors clear cut the land behind us between that and Katrina, we are very tree "poor" at the moment. Looking forward to the blooming of my pink Crepe Myrtle (and hoping I can talk DH into buying a few more to "fill-in" our window views.

    Thanks for stopping by! Come back again.