Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A stash is born

Made a visit to a LNS and picked up a few things . . .

from left to right:
  • Bent Creek - Brownbird Sampler, Imaginating (Diane Arthurs) - The Lord's Blessing, Bent Creek - Four Seasons House,
  • LHN - Gingerbread Trio & Psalm 145,
  • Brittercup - Believe, LHN - The Angels Sang, and Brittercup - He's the Reason
-- NOTE the orange sale tags for 50 & 60% off) --

Picked up a local a chart from a local designer
Acadian Designs (Michelle Gauthier) - Fleur de Lis 1 (and Crescent Colors Queen Bee and Blackbird thread to stitch it with)

a little fabric
1/16 yard 28 ct Country French Linen in Cafe Mocha (left),
1/8 yard 28 count Cashel Linen in Antique Ivory (right)

I also picked up the Crescent threads for Needleworker and a few additional Crescent and Weeks Dye Works threads.

I was hoping to pick up LHN's "He's Flaky" (3rd All Dolled Up ornament), but they have not gotten it in yet.

I also picked up a couple of items for a future giveaway (it was so much fun to receive one, thought I would like to try to give one). If you are a seasoned "giver awayer" and have some advice (before I learn the hardway), please leave a comment.

BTW, Saints fever is spreading uncontrollably, merchandise is flying off the shelves, specialty shops have lines through the door, the Monday morning paper is in its 3rd printing . . . it is crazy here (well, you know crazier than usual).

You know it is crazy when . . .
  1. Some of the schools are are discussing closing on either the day after the Super Bowl (apparently school attendance after the NFC Championship was down) or for the special champions parade (on Tuesday or Wednesday after the Super Bowl).
  2. Real estate agents are reporting a rise in the number of home buyers interested in moving back to NOLA. Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT place to live (no earthquakes, no mudslides, no forest fires, no ice storms, no blizzards, very few tornadoes . . .), but please have a better reason to move than a Super Bowl bound NFL team.
  3. Court dockets are being rescheduled.
  4. Black and gold colored pets warrant a profile on the evening news.
  5. The mayor of NOLA proudly brags that the taxpayers are funding his trip to Miami -- the crazy part -- is no one is complaining.
  6. The really crazy part -- I am enjoying every crazy minute! (And I still think football is only a game).
Thanks for visiting, y'all come back again.


  1. Oooooooooooo! I am drooling! I love your stash....congrats on your new booty :)
    I can imagine that Saints fever is taking over, I can feel it here :) Of course it could be that we are rooting for your Saints in the Dunn house ....GO SAINTS!
    Hugs and enjoy all of your stashy goodies!

  2. What a lovely lot of stash you brought.

  3. Thanks, Karyn. When I complete a finish, I am sure I will try to put the charts up for trade/giveaways/etc. (Just know I am a very slow stitcher). You should be receiving a little langiappe (a little something extra, unexpected bonus) over the weekend.


  4. Looks like a lot of stitching fun is in store for you! Enjoy your new stash.

  5. What great stash!!! I just love to fondle my new stuff when I get it.

    How fun for New Orleans going to the Superbowl.. I'll be watching and eating!

  6. Hi, Stephanie. Thank you for your post on my blog. I have to tell you that my DH is rooting for the Saints so hard. He went to Perdue Univ., the alam mater of Saints QB Drew Brees. Can you imagine how crazy it will be down there when the Saints win?? Enjoy your new stash. I have the Gingerbread Trio chart and this year I stitched little gingerbread men Christmas ornaments. They turned out so cute!