Monday, January 24, 2011


I have not done any cross stitching in about 4 weeks, but I did do some knitting before Christmas.  As I promised a few weeks ago, here are the photos of the scarves I knitted.  I have to say they are not too bad for a beginner.  I am missing a photo of my favorite scarf, it was a wonderfully rich dark red color and soooo soft and it had a wonderful weight/thickness and felt so warm and cuddly - but I gave it away before taking a photo.  It was part of a box of goodies we brought for a pre-Christmas visit to a local nursing home.

Here are the photos of that I did remember to take . . .

Wonderfully cozy in shades of red and pink.

Gotta love a tweedy gray

A vivid blend of purple, teal and blue

This is actually a beautiful icy blue.

This is a dark apple green in real life

True blue

A sneak peek of two future scarves


  1. you knitted some lovely scarves. the yarns are beautiful.

  2. AWESOME scarves! I love them all but the red/pink one and the green one are my faves :)