Monday, November 8, 2010

Life is Good! (Photo Heavy)

Sampler by Rebecca Scott, dated November 1, 1790:
Two things, the needle and the book we find,
help to accomplish all the female kind.

The shineing needle draws the fine spun thread
bedecks the person and adorns the head.

Since neatness gives the charms that all commend
The needle is the female choiest friend."

Well,  my needle is my "choiest" friend this week.  I have not had much time to stitch, but the small momemts I have struggled to find have been precious indeed.  I have not had much time to read lately, but I have several books on the nightstand just waiting for me to make time for them. 

The weather this week could not be better for stitching and reading.  We have switched from higher than normal temps to lower than normal temps.  We had near freezing temps for a short time during the last two nights.  I hope to crank up the oven this week to do some baking.

Well my birthday present from my DH and DS has arrived, they are both so wonderful, I am very blessed to have two such wonderful and thoughtful guys.

New linen (1/8 yard each)
28 count Country French in Cappuccino
28 count Country French in Antique Gold
32 count Belfast Linen in Putty
32 count 100% Linen in Tumbleweed

Buttermilk, Cidermill Brown,
Crystal Lake, Liberty,
Old Hickory, Onyx, Rhubarb,
Schoolhouse Red, Wrought Iron,

Avocado, Blueberry, Cherry Wine,
Cranberry, Dark Chocolate,
Gold Leaf, Mulberry, Nutmeg,
Oatmeal, Peacock,
Pink Azalea, Tarnished Gold,
Tropical Ocean

    New threads from The Gentle Art
from the Simply Shaker and Sampler Threads collections.

New charts

A Baby A Manger (c) 2010
by Cherry Wood Design Studios


Love One Another  (c) 2009
by Little House Needleworks

And best of all . . .

In addition to these lovely stitching items, DS wrote a booklet "What I Love About You" -- I will treasure this always and will keep it close at hand during those potentially troubling teen years.

My guys are wonderful!

And while he was at it,
DH added these for our upcoming anniversary.

Bean Sprout, Desert Mesquite,
Magnolia Blossom,
Manor Red, Ribbon Red

Aztec Red, Bark, Bullfrog,
Collards, Dolphin, Dried Sage,
Juniper, Liberty, Straw

More threads from
Crescent Colors
Weeks Dye Works

A New Chart
Annie Ellsworth Sampler (c) 2009
by Beehive Needleworks

I also was able to purchase the two JBW charts I was looking for - THANKS to Michelle for finding them for me.

It was a beautiful Sunday here in the Deep South, we attended Mass, enjoyed our local Veteran's Parade and then took my mother out for lunch on the lake.  Hope you like these pics of our day.

Lunch at
Rip's on the Lake, calamari, fried crab fingers, seafood platters, grilled shrimp salad and a great view.

A great breezy day for sailing along the longest (25 miles) bridge in the world and the pelicans are enjoying the cool weather, too.

And to top it off, the Saints won against Carolina.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. What a great Birthday you had!

    Ps.. I love those holiday charts.

  2. Your DH and DS couldn't be any more thoughtful! What wonderful gifts. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

  3. Oh wow what gorgeous birthday stash! Love the fabric, the threads and all the lovely charts. Glad you were able to find the JBW ones you wnated. They are very nice. Best thing must be the ds's little book though. Gorgeous. x

  4. Wonderful linens and floss. The colors look great. I can't wait to see what you stitch up with them.

    Happy birthday and anniversary.

  5. Great birthday and anniversary stash! You definitely have some sweet boys there!

  6. Oh Happy Birthday, dear friend!

    You are so blessed to be so loved by your guys that they gave you a most wonderful day. I am drooling over your wonderful presents. :)
    Hugs Stephanie
    Ma TK
    PS: Gotta love that #9! :)

  7. No better birthday presents than wonderful stash! Your guys really know how to please a stitching woman, don't they? Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!

    What wonderful things your guys gave to you! Enjoy them all - but especially treasure that booklet from DS!

  9. Still drooling over that stash.
    The sky looks so blue, here it is just a drab wintery yuck color.
    Happy belated Birthday! and anniversary!

  10. Wonderful gifts - Congratulations !!!!!The fabric looked just beautiful and the charts were too cute-Great stash enhancement that is for sure :)