Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A k-new finish

My first attempt at knitting!

It is not perfect, I did have some trouble with the brim stitches and I actually think I have the hat upside down because I closed the wrong end, but I really enjoyed doing it.  I used one of those round looms and it came together really quickly.  It only took one episode of Miss Marple and about 15 minutes this morning to finish it off.  After seeing the stitches come together on the loom, I think I will have a better grasp of needle knitting/crocheting.  I hope to try my hand at those in the future.  My goal is to make a few hats and scarves so the round loom will work great for now.

I am so full of ideas for projects at the moment -
thanks to all you crafty bloggers who have provided the inspiration!

I have gone through all my crafting materials and thrown out the dried out paints and markers, passed on the materials I do plan to use and organized what is left.  I gave my sewing machine and Cricut semi-permanent homes so I can use them more easily.

DS has picked a few projects he would like to do and will be
making handmade Christmas gifts for all his grandparents.

I have also been doing some sewing,
no finishes to show yet, but soon!

I am hoping to finish CCN's "Season of Love" by the end of the week.
I like the flat finish and have some cording to use on the edge,
but I cannot cut a straight line on cardboard or foam-core. 
Any one have any tips? or suggestions for another type of finish?

It is the first week of school here so I will have some stitching time
during afternoon pick-up and should be getting back into a regular routine
(which totally fell to the wayside this summer).

The fluorescent tube lights in the kitchen have burned out.
They have been in use for 10 years!
Is that normal?

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer!


  1. I think it looks great, especially for your first try. A friend of mine makes hats using one of those looms. I think that is genius! Wow back to school already. My son starts next Monday and My girl starts on next Wed. Summer break may be over, but the hot sure isn't.

  2. your new finish on a new endeavor looks good - you look like you're on your way to being a knitter!