Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Theater: Toy Story 3

I am always cautious seeing a sequel since they are usually a disappointment after the orginal, but Toy Story 3 is one of the few sequels that is worthy of the original.  Some time has passed since Toy Story 2 and Andy is preparing to leave for college.  Mom is urging him to go through his room to determine what items go with him to college, which are donated and which items are destined for the attic.  Woody makes it to the "for college" box and all of his other toys are meant for the attic.  In a mix-up, the toys end up going into the trash.  The toys rescue themselves from the trash narrowly missing the garbage truck and place themselves in the donation box for Sunnyside.  The toys are convinced Andy meant to throw them away.  Woody trys to explain what happened, but before he can convince the others, he ends up at Sunnyside, too.  WARNINGThis sequel is a little darker than the prior installments and Moms should keep a couple of Kleenex handy for some sentimental moments.

For a very detailed review, see Plugged-In's review of Toy Story 3

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