Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still watching the Gulf, but at least I am stitching while doing it ; )

TD #1 is now Tropical Storm Alex.  The five day forcast shows it heading straight toward Mexico.  If it stays on this track, it will hopefully not cause too many problems for the oil spill clean up.  I heard yesterday that oil spill operations could be stopped for up to two weeks due to the storm.

We had family over yesterday, but I did get a little stitching done on another LHN ornament . . .

"Winter Sheep"
Little House Needleworks
Stitched over 2 on 28ct French Country Linen on Cafe Mocha
(recommended fabric Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Straw Linen)
Using the recommended DMC threads
(so far, but I am out of Ecru for the sheep and might do a substitution)

QUESTION OF THE DAY- I am using a "scrap" of linen left over from another project for this ornament.  I am trying to organize my other bits of linen that are too small for large projects to use for more ornaments.  Do you use your scraps this way, or do you always buy the recommended fabric?

TUSAL UPDATE - Notice the blue from "Dogs Leave Paw Prints" and "At Pemberley" and the red from the start of "Winter Sheep"

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I find it awfully hard to start a small project on a 'big' piece, so I use scraps most often. Looks like you've chosen the perfect one for this ornie. I'm doing these, too, but haven't started this one, yet! Hope the storms stay away, and you get a cool breeze soon!

  2. Great Start !!! I the the LHN ornaments. I use all my scraps for ornaments or little pinkeeps to be stitched on. I only buy new linen if I want to start a new bigger project. Happy Stitching !!!

  3. That looks good for you but it won't be for the oil spill clean up :o(

    Great start! Sometimes I buy the recommended fabric but sometimes I use what I have. It depends on the color :o)

  4. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this TS goes towards Mexico, not that I want them to get it either, but much less damage will probably result. As far as the linen, I save pieces of excess and use that if I have it, otherwise I will buy some.

  5. I always use scraps and remnants....well, not always but most of the time. I try to.
    I have put my smaller pieces left over in a separate drawer. Sometimes I don't remember what it is of what count....but I can tell by the suggested pattern linen if it will blend.

    I so hope that this storm doesn't worsen the already tragic oil spill. I have been keeping up on TV off and on all weekend and thinking of those in the Gulf.

  6. I use up every possible inch of leftover linen to make ornaments, fobs, etc. I rarely use the called-for linen for any design. I prefer to stitch on 36 or 40 count, 32 in a pinch. Most LHN designs I've stitched have called for 28, which I really don't like. Sometimes I've gone to my LHN to pick out a similar color in a higher count. Other times I've used a different color background all together, either to use what I have on hand or because I envision the design differently than the model (or both). In those cases, I have changed some or all of the floss colors to suit my own tastes and/or vision. Eventually I'll get pictures up on my blog of all of the finishes I've had over the last few months, in which there are several more examples of my tweaks.

  7. I use up scraps of linen for ornaments, the backs of ornaments...maybe a small pillow. When I am finished with a project, I label the linen with size, count, color if I have it and then what project it came from so I can look at fibers stitched on the project if I what.

    You continue to be in my thoughts as the weather tries to shake things up in the gulf...