Monday, May 10, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I found some wonderful clearance buttons over the weekend . . .
Some metal (brass on the right & silver on the left) . . .
and some wood . . .

and . . .

I also found some tassels that I thought would be perfect with . . .

I picked up a couple of extra buttons to include in a future giveaway. 
Which buttons would you like to see in the giveaway?


  1. I LOVE those metal ones at the top with the stars! Maybe it's because I'm a Texas gal, but those are awesome!

  2. Those tassels are perfect!!

  3. I love the wooden buttons - have not seen anything like that in my travels and they are very cool. I have a can full of buttons from my Grandma....we loved to play with them as kids and now I search through there when I need a special touch on something I am working on. Love the crawfish boil pics too - yum! I love anything like that!

  4. I would vote for the metal buttons! Love the tassels you found.

  5. Nice finds, Stephanie! I find wooden buttons the most appealing... Actually I love buttons of all kinds :)

  6. I love the wood buttons. What do you think you will use them for?

  7. Lovely finds Stephanie, I don;t have many buttons so I love both kinds.

  8. Always fun to find stash! Pretty, pretty!