Monday, May 3, 2010


Still working on the bullion knot roses.  My bullion knots have improved, but are not consistent.  I am having a problem arranging the knots up to look like a rose and not a weird pile of small red worms (I wish I was exaggerating).

I am now open to suggestions to replace the bullion roses with something else.

UPDATE:  The roses are in the four corners of the "Mother's TLC" design with a fifth rose above the initials.

Mother's Day is Sunday and I am running out of time . . .


  1. Not sure what you are doing roses for, but how about this.
    Not sure how to add a link.
    I believe you can do this with as many or few threads as you wish, and can make them as big or small as you wish.

  2. Hello again, if you google "atalie roses tremieres" you can find some charts by Atalie that have these wonderful flowers.

  3. I have a video tutorial bookmarked about bullion knots. Maybe this will help. Those roses Hillery recommended are lovely as well.

  4. Hillery & Natalie,

    Thanks, I will give those a try.


  5. Wow! I thought french knots were spooky! Have I mentioned that the just a hint of a french knot in a chart sends me running to the bathroom in fear and panic? I exagerate, but those knots look HARD, Stephanie! Good luck kiddo, please keep us posted....I know that whatever you decide to do, your finish will be gorgeous as usual and well received :)

    Ma TK

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, Ma TK! Hoping to have the finish posted tomorrow.

  7. I was going to suggest the woven spider stitch...not sure if that's what it's called but it's very pretty and flower-like in appearance. I bet it's similiar to what Hillery is saying. It's often used in Indigo Rose patterns (Catherine Strickler). Love your progress and just plow through it. Deadlines looming sometimes work better for me!