Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stitching Update ("Mother's TLC") and More Baby Birds

Did a little stitching on Mother's TLC, it is really taking shape.  The overlapped section of the hearts is stitched in the Claret / and then the \ in Victorian Pink, can't wait to see how that looks.

I took another picture of our "porch" bird peeps.  Are they not the cutest little siblings?  There were five eggs, but I am not sure if that is three heads and one body or five heads.  We have to take the photo above our heads (my camera has a swivel screen so we can see a little).  The photo in the previous post had three splotchs of green "goo" around the edge of the nest, guess that was food since it was gone when I took this photo (Yech!).   DS was hoping to save the egg shells, but I have a feeling they will be crushed to bits.  They have not started chirping yet, but I will keep you updated on their progress. 

Natalie,  We were not able to mount a mirror above the nest, but using a small hand mirror and a left over piece of PVC pipe, DS made a "bird-ocular".   Thanks for the suggestion!

Question:  Is my blog slow to "open"?

Thank you everyone for all your comments, I just love reading comments!

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  1. Great idea with the pvc pipe! I'll have to remember that. We had a family of house finches that took up residence in our hanging plants on the front porch last year, and it was so much fun to watch them take care of the babies.