Monday, April 19, 2010

Stitching My Heart Out

There is a lot of AMAZING stitching going on out there!  I have been checking all my favorite blogs (that means yours!), but have not done much commenting.

I am looking for your input . . .

I do most of my stitching "in-hand" and my "holding" hand is beginning to ache after stitching, so I am considering purchasing a floor frame (possibly to use with Q-Snaps or a hoop).  I do have a wooden scroll lap frame for larger pieces, I enjoy using it, but it has some drawbacks for my personal use and I think I might like to try a floor frame.   

Every stitcher has their own individual stitching "style" (two-handed, travelling, high volume, etc.) and not every frame will work for every stitcher.  I would like to hear some pros and cons to get me started since it is a little like buying a mattress . . . it feels comfortable in the store during your 5 minute "test drive", but maybe not so comfortable when you begin sleeping on it for 8 hours a day, every day.

Thanks, in advance, for your comments.

Stitching Update - "Mother's TLC" by Theron Traditions

Got more of the red heart done . . .

Porch Bird Update

What DIRTY birds!!!!

One of the babies fell out of the nest over the weekend.  DH & DS gave it a proper burial.


  1. Stinky poopies! Gee whiz!

    We had to put the babies back a few times when they fell out, but only two of our four ended up making it.

  2. I was trying to keep an eye out for "falling" birds, but it was too late for this one. It may even have died before being "pushed" out. It did not look very good.

  3. Nice to see an update on the birdies. Sad about the one, seems like it always happens to one of them. I like the stitching also!

  4. Oh how sad
    That's why I like my bluebirds - Their eggs are tucked nicely in a box !!

  5. Oh the birdies are so cute!

    Girl, have I found the stitching stand you need. It was an expensive investment but for me, I have arthritis and neck and left are nerve issues and this holds my qsnaps.
    I'll try to post another pic of my stand tonight. It's the Needlework 4 system. It's wonderful, I got the qsnap holder and it's like stitching on air. When cutting the threads off it swivels with a slight touch 360 degrees. I've just sold my wooden floor stand. I used it for a long time and I figured that I could buy a Needlework 4 system for the price of one physical therapy session so I did it about 6 weeks ago. Love it!
    Feathers in the nest

  6. I love my Qsnaps...I stitch in hand too most of the time, but sometimes I need a little help. I also use a wrist brace from back before my carpal tunnel surgery...I like the flexibility of sizes and combinations the Qsnaps offer and with a frameweight, I can use a the table or arm of my chair to help "hold" the weight of the weight is a beanybaby that I cut down the length and put in about $1.00 pennies in his belly and then stitched him up. I have worked with scroll frames too - but hate to stitch my project on and since I have too many going at a time,that was problematic. The Qsnaps gave that flexiblity too - easy to change what I was working on. Good luck and love the progress!

  7. I'm no help as far as the frames/hoops go. I just use a regular hand held hoop. I have to agree with the hoop/ mattress comparison though.. especially since I'm going to pick out a mattress today.. HA! Love the birdies. I'm waiting for some to hatch myself.