Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Start - LHN Home of a Needleworker, Too

Finally got to start on Little House Needleworks Home of a Needleworker, Too. I completed the Cocoa Bean stitching along the top. Since it is raining today there is no photo yet (besides it does not look like much at the moment). Home with sick DS today so probably no stitching today.
The Cocoa Bean really does look chocolaty (or maybe I was hungry while I was stitching). Might use it st stitch a chocolate rabbit for Easter (found a simple single-color rabbit freebie online last week). I was hoping to stitch a small project for Easter with a lamb. Does anyone have a small lamb chart they will lend or trade?
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. I am using a flat rate shipping box so I intend to stuff it to bursting before mailing!
Will post again soon with photos of my last finish and new start.
Daffy Definition: BAYOU - water that runs by you house ;)


  1. OOOHH I love that project!

    Sorry if I misunderstood how to enter your giveaway. Just feel free to delete one of my comments since you know I follow.

  2. I love that piece by LHN. I have wanted to stitch it forever, but like so many other things it hasn't made it to the top yet. Hope that your DS is feeling better soon. This time of year, with the season changes, it seems like almost everyone picks something up. Hope you can get some stitching in!

  3. Parsley -- Your giveaway entry was just fine, thanks for participating. Our postcard will be in the mail tomorrow.

    Deb -- Thanks, DS is already feeling better since he is asking for Popeye's. You are right about the time of year.

    Parsley & Deb -- I really like this LHN piece, too. I have been looking forward to stitching it since it looks like a fun stitch. I plan to frame it and hang it in my favorite stitching spot.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I have stitched this one also. I need to get it into finished form! I wish I could help you out on the lamb chart. There is one from LHN that has a lion and a lamb. It's really sweet.

  5. Sharlotte,

    Thanks for visiting. Will look forward to seeing your finished piece on your blog. I do like the LHN "Love One Another" chart with the lion and lamb (it is on my wishlist). I have not found in at my LNS so I may have to order it online or find one available for trade.

  6. I really like that design and know I have the chart somewhere. I must get it stitched soon! I hope your son is feeling better.