Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I had to have some color, so I changed my blog background (I will probably do that frequently).
(UPDATE: ACCKKK! All my past posts have been centered -- what happened???)

To justify this post, I am adding an update picture of my Fleur de Lis. Since this is a "souvenir" project for to 2010 Super Bowl, I changed the colors to make it more "saintly". I like the designers color choices and plan to stitch it again (at a later date) in the recommended colors.

Fleur de Lis 1
Acadian Designs by Michelle Gauthier
Stitched over 2 threads on Wichelt-Permin 32 count linen in Lambswool
using 2 strands of Crescent Colors Queen Bee (will use Blackbird for backstitching)
I am new to the hand dyed/overdyed floss. I really love the varigation in the color, especially in designs like this one.
Not sure if I like this starched linen, it is a little too stiff (for my taste) to stitch in-hand. Would it help to soak it in water before using to get some of the starch out? Will try on a small remnant to make sure the linen is not too "soft" without the starch, but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried this already. Read recently on Jennifer's blog about adding starch to linen, but have not seen anyone trying to take it out.
BTW, do you see the "flaw" in my stitching?
I do not know what it is, but you can see it from a mile away. From a distance, it looks like I stitched diagonally across 2 spaces or there is a loose thread end sticking out. Close-up it looks fine. I do not know what it is or what to do about it.
(In case you could not see it, it is in the center about 5 rows up from the bottom).
Any suggestions other than frogging out that section?


  1. Maybe a good pressing will do the trick. It doesn't look like you made a mistake stitching - was there perhaps a nub underneath the stitching. Sometimes that will happen. But try pressing it with a little bit of steam.

  2. I love your start, and cannot even detect anything "out of sorts," it's gorgeous!

    I am a frog it girl, it will bother me to know that I have a booboo, but that's just me.

    Hugs and glad that you are feeling better, sweetie.

  3. Ma -- Thanks, I know I will frog it out if I cannot come up with a solution.

    Deb -- Will try an iron, but would the steam cause the hand-dyed thread to bleed?

  4. I can see it since you pointed it out. Perhaps its a variation in the color. I do like the color... very nice.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I can see what you're talking about - not sure what to do about it though. If you steam it, do so from the back - the colors can run if you use too much steam.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the iron but it did not help in this case, so I frogged all the way back to that spot.

    I thought I would just take out a few stitches, but since I am using hand-dyed floss and there is a variation in color, I was worried it would stand out.

    C'est la vie :)