Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Believe!

Today was a full day, I took DS to get donuts for breakfast (a rare treat) and then took our donuts to the parade route to eat while waiting for the second parade of the season. Black and gold were definitely the colors of the day. Thought you might like to see a few pics of the family friendly side of Mardi Gras . . .

The Saints are headed to the Super Bowl!! It was a real nail biter. It is such a boost for the city (and for all those who know what it means to miss New Orleans). After tonight's game, I am anxious to start a Saints piece before the Super Bowl. I have also been tempted to start other new pieces (especially when I check my favorite blogs and see so many great designs -- it is a little like being a kid in a candy store). Now I know why there are so many WIPs, but I really should finish what I have already started first.

During the game, I managed to complete the snow and part of the green dress on Fa La La (I am a slow stitcher). Something about the winter white thread does not seem to be laying right. I sometimes notice a texture difference with different color threads, some make a nicer stitch than others. Did anyone else have any issues with the white?


  1. Well that looks like a lot of fun!!

    WELCOME to the Totally Useless SAL. We're looking forward to visiting with you.

  2. Throw me some beads! I'll show you my cross-stitch. Sorry...just having a little fun with your post.

    Rarely does anyone see the family side of Mardi Gras. I'm sure it's great fun.

  3. What Parsely said! Throw me some beads! And Congratulations on the Saints heading to the Superbowl. I will be routing for y'all since my Ravens didn't make it this year!

  4. LOVE the pictures! My best friend is from New Orleans (currently lives in TN). She misses it dearly.

    You girls inspire me with your stitching projects. I've never tried, but I'm feeling pretty tempted. :0)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It's always a blessing to see new "faces" pop in.