Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Stash

If you have not been watching the Eastern Bluebird cam on my blog, the baby bluebirds are growing very quickly.  They are now fully feathered, although you can still see the feather shaft on the wing feathers, but they are flapping their wings in the nest preparing for that first flight.  They will be leaving the nest very soon.

Since DH borrowed my camera, he returned it with drained batteries, so I pulled in a substitution and used the photo function on the video camera to take these photos.  It takes much better video than photos.

On a recent trip into NOLA, I made a quick stop at my favorite LNS and picked up a couple of things . . .

28ct Cashel Linen (Taupe),
28ct 100% Linen (Shell, Monet Blue & China Pearl)
and Lizzie Kate's "Forgive Quickly"
The wonderful Marian from Gumbo and Grits sent me several charts from her stash that were on my wish list.  If you have not visited Marian's blog yet, check out some of her beautiful stitching.

Little House Needleworks "Heart of America"
The Sampler Girl "Fancy a Jane Day?"

The Cricket Collection
"On the First Day of Christmas", "On the Fourth Day of Christmas",
"On the Seventh Day of Christmas" and "My True Love Gave to Me"

Bent Creek "Winter Snapperland series"
"Chalet", "Sleigh Ride", "Le Rink" & "The Villa"

Little House Needleworks "Queen Bee" and "Chocolate Box" patterns

The Stitching Parlor " Mr. and Mrs. Darcy of Pemberly"
Rosewood Manor "And a Forest Grew"

Thanks Marian for your wonderfully generous gift!

I am fancying a "Jane Day", a cup of tea, a couple of Jane Austen DVDs and some beautiful linen and thread - sure does beat Calgon!

Oh, I almost forgot, I have one more stitching stash acquisition . . .

. . . sigh . . .
Hopefully these will speed up my stitching.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Media Monday #7 - Secrets Edition

Masterpiece Theater - Downton Abbey  I love period films and enjoyed this new series.  There is no shortage of family secrets.  Since the final show ended with the announcement that England was now at war with Germany, I am hoping that they have a second series to see how the lives of the Crawley family and their staff change with the coming of WWII.

Miracle in the Woods - An enjoyable "Hallmark" type movie.  Two estranged sisters are at odds over their recently deceased mother's will and discover a long held family secret.
A Lesson in Secrets (8th in the Maisie Dobbs series) - I LOVE this series.  Shortly after her mother's death, Maise enters service with the Rowan family.  One day the bright Maisie is caught in the library, the forward thinking Lady Rowan introduces her to Maurice Blanche who becomes her mentor.  Maisie balances her household duties with studies and is eventually enters Cambridge.  Maisie leaves college to enlist as a nurse during WWI.  After the war, she returns to complete her education and continues her mentoring relationship with Maurice, eventually becoming his assistant and a private investigator in her own right.  In this eighth book, Maisie is asked by the British Secret Service to investigate St. Francis College for any activities not in the best interest of Britain.  A member of staff is murdered, several others are hiding secrets and the popularity of the Nazi Socialist Party is increasing among the social elite as harbingers of the coming WWII become apparent.
This series is best read from the beginning as the backstory, challenges and changes faced my Maisie are what make this series so interesting.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keep it Simple

I found this quote on one of my favorite blogs this morning and thought I would share it with you.